Welp, it happened. Fruit Incest has been around for six years and has reached 1000 comics. I’ll try not to be a bummer about how few readers I’ve amassed in that time and just be thankful for everyone who’s read thus far. It’s been a long road and a long trail of cute doodles and agony, but we made it.

There’s not much official to say, as evident by how dead the Cocktail section is. Though I should apologize for the lack of anything notable in so long. I haven’t mentioned this anywhere, but I am currently juggling part time work along with the comic, and that’s led to a few sleep deprived nights. Anything for the comic though! It’s sad to say, but we’re ever so slowly making our way to the end of our fruity adventures here. I don’t plan to rush through that end anytime soon, but it’s there, and it’s looming closer with every milestone.

If you wanna know what’s ahead though, I’m thinking of retiring the alternate universe gag every 50 comics. I’m running out of ones that are actually funny. If I can’t think of a worthy replacement though I might stick with it. Y’all are free to comment on this, the most important thing I have to say today. Also, comment approval is turned off for now. To be honest I have so few people posting comments that I only left that turned on all these years so I could personally see every one of them, but that’s probably a habit I should get myself out of.

I also have a lot of things that just haven’t ever been cleaned up. The Concentrate bios have stagnated due to busy scheduling despite my trying to dish them out at least once a month now, and I can’t guarantee the comic dot issue will be resolved by the time this goes up, but rest assured I’m doing my best. I want Fruit Incest to be a comic a comic worth reading, so I should work a bit harder getting more people interested. As always, it’d be nice to recommend it to your friends or let others know about it, but the bulk of that responsibility’s on me. I’ll do my best and hope everyone continues to read and support the comic with your views. Thank you for your help, folks. It’s always welcome and now’s a good time to open up for suggestions.

For now though, just thanks. We’ve made it a long way, so let’s keep it up, and remember to love our lolis.