Guess what folks, Fruit Incest has been around for five years. It’s a bit tricky, for those who haven’t been around for long and don’t know, but Fruit Incest didn’t pop up overnight. So the weeks leading up to October 19th have many firsts in this site’s history. As always, I keep things simple by simply making October our anniversary month, so the rest of our royal fruit birthday story will continue alongside it. Not the first, but it’s fine to see them kids again.

I honestly had to rush this arc a bit for a couple of days since I’m running out of story arcs that are important or fitting enough for an anniversary. I guess once you reach five years you run out of things to celebrate with specifically. Oh well, maybe we’ll go back to enjoying the nice fall season with Halloween festivities next year during the marshmallow bath anniversary. Maybe things will change by then. Not much changes around here at Fruit Incest, even if we get an entire site redesign. Still, I’m glad for all you usual readers, as always, and hope I can somehow manage to get even more people to please with my typical fare, so I hope all of you continue to enjoy yourselves and enjoy the seasons. I think they’ll eventually get better for everyone, especially for loli lovers. Remember to love those lolis, people.