If you took the time to explore the new site design (which is old news by now, meaning I’m far too behind on work and apologize for the delay), then you may have noticed some mystery squares in the Concentrate page. Those replaced the old and kind of low budget bio pages, and will now link to the slightly less cheap looking bio pages! As of writing this there’s only three, but I plan to do my best to try and add new ones on a weekly basis. Fruit Incest has over 100 characters, so with luck we’ll have at least a handful of character select icons soon enough.

This is of course to make the place look more appealing to newcomers, not that many show up, but those who check the place out are very much appreciated and I’ll do my best to fix up little touches here and there (like replacing the About images with better looking redos a few weeks ago). I’m going strong but it’s still a slow trek around these parts, so let’s wish me luck and remember to love those lolis, everyone.