One of the hardest things with making comics is finding the right style for you and your audience. To me, art feels a lot more unique and personal the more human it looks, and that’s why I chose to start the site 100% handmade.

That being said, it gets very inconvenient having to not only plan out everything and carefully draw it and then trace over it so the scanner picks it up, but you also need to find the right sized paper. One of the many upsides to webcomics is that you’re not limited by space and paper sizes since you can resize and scale things all you want, but I gruel over this minor, yet very frustrating, handicap.

Of course, I’m telling you all this so you can appreciate just how much work it is to give that freshly squeezed sensation and give me fabulous prizes to show how much you love me. Miss Hedgey demands more brownies!