Show of hands, how many people want to go to the Fruit Incest Academy? I hear this guy is also a minor professor in Wumbology Studies.

Possible reasons why that pointing stick isn’t pointing anywhere near Sparta:

  • The teacher doesn’t know where Sparta actually is
  • This teacher is an impostor
  • The map is from an alternate timeline of World History
  • The map is very very outdated and is riddled with errors
  • The teacher is pointing above Greece as a subtle “Take that” to Athens
  • I personally didn’t know where Sparta is
  • Wikipedia was down at the time this was drawn
  • The map is upside down
  • You’re seeing things
  • The teacher’s arm twitched at the last second
  • The teacher was too busy sounding awesome to look where he’s pointing
  • The teacher is testing his students to see if anyone notices his mistake
  • The teacher was actually referring to a Bulgarian fast food chain named Sparta
  • A wizard did it
  • Cooking Mama willed it so
  • The comic was drawn while I was in a drowsy state
  • The comic was drawn while I was in a hungry state
  • It’s just funnier that way