When I drew the original Episode I comic, which I wont link to because it’s one of the ugliest of my early comics, my reason for making Star Wars gags was because I felt a majority of jokes involving the prequel trilogy rarely went beyond “New Star Wars/Jar Jar sucks!” Nowadays, it’s a little bit better, and I’m glad, because now people can cite specific reasons for hating the trilogy and make genuine jokes.

This was never the case for the original trilogy though, and by the time I reached Episode IV I immediately regretted going into Original Trilogy territory, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to come up with original jokes for the last two parts. Literally every joke, good and bad, has been made about the original Star Wars, so I never expected mine to be anything special.

This, along with the fact that I draw the worst looking Darth Vader of all time, is why I’m declaring it Unofficial Star Wars Week! Because I really need to just get these over with before my Star Wars jokes become even more ridiculously outdated and overused.