For starters I’d like to kick myself for forgetting to put the little “END” mark at the end of the last comic. I know it was a short multi-parter, so I can excuse myself with that, but I don’t like ending story arcs so abruptly, even if it’s part of a bigger sage. I guess I really should get more used to bigger stories like that.

OCD count: 52

As for this comic, I can say that the Barrel Roll meme is one of my least favourite ever, not because it’s a bad meme, but because people tend to get it wrong. It’s one thing to quote the line and reference it, but I hate how some people act like Peppy’s obsessed with barrel rolls or like that’s the only line he ever says. Just another meme to file under the “You’re doing it wrong” file, right next to RickRolling and Guile’s Theme.