Funny story, I didn’t notice until after I was getting ready to clear up the picture digitally that I forgot to color in the witch outfit in half the panels. While trying to fix it without having to get the comic out, pencil it in, and rescan it, I noticed that I don’t like how things look digitally. If I colored things in completely or made detailed lines and shading it would work well, but my fruit people and computers just don’t mix well. I always considered practicing more and more “professional” comics instead of drawing it on paper like a dinosaur, but seeing how things look when I try to shade in something black, I get the feeling it would be even more tedious for me to learn to do things without making it all look ugly.

Anyways, the punchline is I forgot what I was originally going to write here, so happy halloween, part 2, and with luck I’ll say something spookier and more birthdayish next time.

OCD count: 22