Christmastime is coming, so as I allot myself once a year, I’m taking a one week break to just relax and get stuff done in quiet and peace in the couple days before my family keeps me way too busy to reliably do anything (also my brother got a new cat and is bringing it over this year so I’ll be too busy one way or another playing). I’ll be back before New Years, but I guess now would be a good time to give my year in review since I wont have much released before then.

First off, I’ve said this before, but I am glad I managed to get three whole story arcs done in a row (I made a one-shot for my birthday but that was it). There’s only so many short gags I can make before I run out of stuff to do and I’m glad I finally got to flesh out some stuff I’ve had in the works for a while, even if I’m slowly dreading the story arcs I have in Fruit Incest’s future. The main thing to discuss is getting an anniversary and Christmas arc done which sets up future arcs. I know I joke about my abrupt and bittersweet ending fetish, but I do think I handled some things well, and had I not created a series with 100+ characters and had more than a handful of regular readers I’d almost have people anxious to see the next chapter.

I’m glad with how some stuff came out. I was a bit anxious to get started on some of these last few story arcs and projects, and there’s still more planned that have me even more nervous, but I’m slowly getting to those as I run out of chances to put them off. Hopefully 2014 in general will be full of improvements and new stuff, so I hope everything goes well and that everyone who’s been kind enough to stick around has been enjoying what we’ve been getting lately. Thanks again to everyone who helps out and comments (hiya scared!), and I hope y’all have a nice set of holidays in the next few weeks. If said holidays involve any lolis, be sure to love them lots as well.