Fruit Incest has been around a long time. Four years, in fact. And as such, it’s time we kick start the traditional chocolate fountain anniversary. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I was gonna make it. I had so many plans for this year that I wanted to get done but only with a vague idea of when and how to do them. Before I knew it it was already August and I was having to count out how many comics I have in each story arc just to make sure I’ll have enough room to start one for the anniversary and Christmas. In the end it worked out alright, but those pages add up quick, so it never hurts to plan ahead. Especially more than I did.

All in all, I think we had plenty of good arcs done during the past year, and although there’s some stuff I didn’t have time to get around to, that’s just more stuff for next year when we celebrate what is traditionally known as the creme brulee anniversary in most parts of the world. Hopefully things keep getting better from here on out. I don’t have much more to say aside from thanks to everyone who’s read the comics so far and I hope y’all enjoy more to come.

Let’s wish ourselves luck and get ready for some more annual fun! And as always, we’ll remember to love our lolis too.