December is split into four phases,each depending on the person in question. The last three phases, “Here comes Christmas”, “Oh boy, Christmas!” and “Go away Christmas” can vary in time based on when someone starts getting excited about Christmas and how long until they get sick and tired of Christmas. According to commercials, “Oh boy, Christmas!” spans three whole months. Whether you start celebrating the holidays early or make in an afterthought of winter, the first phase is almost always the same, “Oh, it’s December already.” The first week of December will always span this phase, even if you’re already in Phase 3, and people will either hurry to finish or rush to get started with the Holiday plans.

Me? I choose to commemorate the start of Phase 2 with the first of many Holiday specials here at your lovable tropical hat site, or maybe the first of two specials. I don’t know, depends on how quickly Best Buy commercials drive me to semi-insanity.