As stated before, I don’t count when it comes to reoccurring characters, so the honor of the first official human character to show up once more is the lovely Little Miss Tomato. Isn’t she just cute? You love to watch her fail don’t you?

Special note goes to a certain father and Macintosh program, both of whom bore resemblances to previously seen character designs, but weren’t quite the same (although in the case of the former, one was based off the other, drawn several years ago). Congratulations to anyone who reads this for the first time, as you are at the beginning of a slow formation of the Fruit Incest mythos, the FIniverse, the Legion of Characters of the Taboo Relationship of the Reproductory Organs of Trees. Yes, the LoCotTTotROoT are always there to fight crime when needed and stop bad guys in the name of justice!