It’s rare that I get to spend so much time on the “serious” story arcs and provide clues for how the FIniverse works, so today I made a list of WMGs and random facts about the layout of this building. Now for starters…what’s that? Well yeah, I guess I have been making a lot of lists lately…but it’s not like it’s a problem, I can stop anytime. My OCD has nothing to do with this and it poses no problem in this whatsoever…well yeah, I guess bullet points should be used for special occasions but…well that may be true, but I have several reasons why bullet points are necessary and if you’d let me show you…um…okay sure.

I gotta go, I’m…I’m having a list intervention. I’ll leave you with your theories and easter eggs and observations. That wasn’t a list by the way. I’d need at least four for it to be classified as an official list, I’d know!

OCD count: 32