Oh dear. Looks like this story arc thing isn’t over. We’re drifting so far away from my gag-a-day silliness too. Well, best thing to do is embrace the drama for now. Anyways, I’ve been in a listy mood lately, so here’s some fun facts which you may all read with the soothing voice of Roseanne in your heads.

  • Just like Fridgeland is named after the portals from our world leading to it, denizens of Fridgeland tend to refer to our world as TVland, which they can access by entering TVs (TVs are used for storage in Fridgeland).
  • All unicorn names follow this four part pattern, which is treated as a single name. Saying only the first part is similar to using “Wa” or “Wal” as a short form of “Wally”. It’s not unheard of, but it’s still a little awkward sounding to a unicorn. Similarly, using only three parts is the equivalent of randomly dropping letters and syllables off a name.
  • Using two parts of a unicorn name however is a very informal terminology that is traditionally used only between family members. In modern situations, this form of a name has become an even more intimate sign of affection demonstrated between young unicorns as it implies they will someday start a family together.
  • Female unicorns tend to have longer horns meant for intimidating larger predators, especially when she is pregnant or still nursing her young. Male unicorns’ horns tend to be much smaller though, making them sturdier and less likely to break in the middle of a fight, either when competing for mates or fending off enemies. A male unicorn with a damaged horn is often the butt of many jokes.
  • Like the name implies, marshmallow unicorns are indeed made of a marshmallow-like substance as well as other such things like chocolatey hooves and candy manes and birthmarks. Luckily these can all be found easily in a typical supermarket, so unicorns being hunted for food is almost unheard of.
  • Outside of food though, unicorns are frequently captured to be sold in black markets as pets, trophies, or even slave labour. Unicorn horns are also valuable and it is a common practice to remove them before being sold, especially by rich business people who merely want them as pets for their children or signs of rebellion and power. Then there are those who hunt for fun and see unicorns as little more than sweeter tasting deer.

If you read that last fact after reading this comic and aren’t even the slightest bit teary eyed then you have no soul. If you are however, don’t worry, our story isn’t over yet. There’s still hope as long as you keep chasing that rainbow! Believe in Prissy Prissy Clip Clop!