Oh snap! They got his name right! Things are about the get serious now. I hope I’ve gotten competent at these story arcs since my first multi-parter, because I really want to try them out more often. They’re starting to stack up because I always get lazy and do one shot gags instead, but we’ve got a universe of incestuous fruit to build here! And you know how those things almost always have a name. If I let the FIniverse collect dust, just imagine how different things would become.

  • Fruit Incest is a serious documentary about the invention of Fanta.
  • Yours truly Miss Hedgehog spends her time as a struggling artist/musician who gets by with reciting erotic poetry for adult book stores.
  • Wally the Whale is a relatively unknown title for a Tumblr account that only made one reblog before becoming forgotten.
  • Nerdy cats on WordPress spend their time commenting on a local blog about the everyday antics of an action figure colourist.
  • “Relatively Fresh” is the catch phrase for a cartoon day care center. They were made fun of for their character celebrity endorsement before being forced to switch to the less catchy “Kids like our doodles.”
  • Oreo cookies never got the appreciation they truly deserve. The common sense of taste gods wept for days.
  • The FIniverse still exists, but as a badly drawn webcomic about Fauna Incantations.