Did you know:

  • The burger man guard with the king has been serving as royal guard to the king longer than any other current knight. He’s been a knight since his mid teens and has been a loyal assist ever since.
  • The taffy man guard with the king is famous throughout Custard, and would go on to train the famous Sentar Silla before retiring and moving up north to live as a mountain hermit.
  • The cheese woman with the poof hair is having a secret relationship with one of the royal chefs. There’s no rule prohibiting their relationship, they just keep it secret for the sake of looking professional. No one is fooled by their act.
  • The guard holding Jelliard Maypenny is made of wax paper, one of the strongest types of wrap you could be born with. He’s considered quite handsome among his race and gets a lot of attention from the ladies, but deep down, the only love he has is for the arts.