Well that’s the end of our young trainer’s starting out. We’ll have to say goodbye to the other trainers for now unfortunately. You may have noticed but I specifically drew them to look younger than their typical counterparts, mainly because there’s no way a sex goddess like May can be ten years old I felt it was more interesting to see young kids going out on their own when they’re just young pups. This is another thing I’d love to expand upon if I had my own comic for just this story, but Wally and friends are already waiting plenty and I’d rather leave the deeper moments up for interpretation.

Another thing I wish I could’ve included more of were the other two starter Pokemon. Here we see Embear and Springler, the fire and water starters. Both of them evolve into a dual type, which explains why some trainers would overlook the pure grass type Gergerger, but I’m sure Gergerger and his evolutions would be just as fun to play as for those of us who don’t feel like getting caught up in all these complicated meta game strategies and EV/IV training and stats. Plus he’s the most adorable lizard ever. If I could I’d include all three of them and their trainers in the story evenly but, well, there can only be one, and I chose the grass starter. Let’s see where this leaves us in the end.