There’s not much I can say about Flameingo that you can’t figure out just by the name alone. How can such a perfect pun have gone unused in the actual series for so long anyways? Anyways, you’ll get to see more of Flameingo soon, so I’d like to take this time to discuss our other Pokemon cameo.

This here is Termane, the Fox Pokemon. Termane are unique in that they have a very special gender difference. Not only are male and females different colors, they’re different types. Male Termane are red and Fire types while females are blue and Ice type. They both evolve into different forms too, so they make the perfect Nidoran ripoff I’m obliged to include early in the story. You’ll never see one again. In fact, one of the stuff I had to cut out was training. I figured level grinding jokes have been done to death, so you wont get to see much more one shot Pokemon after this. The plot is very slowly coming together. At this rate I might finish by Halloween!