If you thought my forests were sub-par, then welcome back to my poorly drawn city backgrounds! You might also be disappointed by the lack of battle scenes, but for once that’s not a cut. I never was one for drawing action, let alone stuffing them properly into a comic, so the Pokemon battles were something I never planned to show much of. I think seeing what happens after the fights are much more fun. Why can’t we all just get along?

There’s also the fact of adding two new Pokemon to the number of cameos here for a single panel, which seemed like too much of a let down for me. As badly drawn and unoriginal they are, my Pokemon ideas are special to me, and I wouldn’t want to show one off for one screen and ignore it for the rest of the story. You’ll have to wait till I get around to all that Concentrate stuff. The real shame is having to leave Flameingo on the sidelines again. Poor thing. He’ll get some well earned screen time soon enough though, so don’t feel left out you fans of flaming birds. There’s plenty in the actual games to keep you busy until then.