By the time Sophie Claus died, her close friend Samson had taken to heart the philosophy her husband brought to the Santa tradition.Although Sophie’s elves weren’t official, Samson was the closest thing to someone in charge and he took it upon himself to take on the name of Claus and continue the role of Santa his dear friends perfected before him.

Unlike Sophie, who only asked favours of friends and family members for Christmas, Samson expanded on the tradition of elves and included more people into his circle. Those kids in the comic would grow up to be one of many orphans and homeless people accepted into Samson’s homes, many of which he constructed thanks to his Elf resources. Magic was integrated into many new aspects of Christmas and Santa Claus, and Samson’s experience as a Head Elf led to many minor changes that allowed a growing family tradition to evolve into the large community that would eventually span the entire globe.

Stephen, Sophie, and Samson quickly became the founding fathers of Christmas as we know it, each bringing their own skills and tastes into the tradition of Santa Clause and influenced every Santa and Christmas figure since. They are, unsurprisingly, common favourites among history buffs.