After what was known as the Claus Era, the tradition of Santa spread to different parts of the world. Each new region of Santas and Elves brought their own traditions and carried things out their own way, especially those in the Southern Hemisphere and tropical climates since they don’t have Winter traditions to deal with there.

Sigurd was the second of only three Santas from the Pakistani division of elves and would have had very little to his name if not for his two biggest accomplishments. Sigured served as Santa longer than anyone before and after him, playing the role of Santa between the ages of 19 and 76. On top of that, his elves began the first official research into the Yuleball, a holiday staple. But we know all about the Yuleball, like everyone else. Where would Christmas be without tentacle monsters?

And yes, I’m aware I forgot to make Sigurd’s hands the same shade as his face. I’m sure there’s a racism joke in there somewhere.

OCD count: 48