We’ve met Crystal, Shaggy, and Bernard the elves, each appearing at least twice so far. Contrary to popular believe, Santa doesn’t have a giant workshop in the middle of an icy wasteland, but just a slightly big cabin in the Alaskan mountains. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Santa only has three elves, just that his or her house is only big enough for three while the rest of the elf civilization communicates via wi-fi.

But what about their fourth guest? Is it Frosty? No, Frosty only lived for five minutes before melting due to him stupidly writing his memoirs by a fireplace (he said it was good atmosphere). His short life created a legacy that led to several “Whatchu talkin’ bout?” stereotypes and racism for his poor descendants. Eventually, they made their way to Santa’s home, who happily lets the Snowman clan live outside the cabin where they can survive indiscriminately for years or maybe even centuries, leading to the current snowman mascot, Fraustus.

You’ll never see Fraustus again most likely, so this comic blog is dedicated to Santa’s fourth helper. The one who gets the least credit.

This is of pants only pants to those of you pantsing these as they get pantsed, so to those of pants reading this in Pants, I order you to unpants what pants just read right pants and do not pants till pantsmas.