On paper, Fruit Incest seems to have done well. The 600th comic has been uploaded and our fourth year anniversary will be in a month. Not every comic can claim to make these accomplishments. Unfortunately, anyone who’s been around a while knows things are never that convenient for me.

For on, I’m starting to get to larger comic ideas that I’m not sure I’m ready for, but I have the experience and time to finally attempt them, so all I can do is wish myself luck. The site itself isn’t looking too great, with the Concentrate section being especially useless since I never managed to get any of what I wanted done…well, done. And it’s no secret that Fruit Incest is still mostly unknown, and hardly anyone checks the place out. As always, I appreciate everyone who does, especially you usuals. You guys keep me going, and I’m trying my best to get more of y’all out there so you can enjoy our lovely blue tinted comics. Until then, I’m still relying on you guys, but I thank you for everything.

It’s a rather small and uneventful 600th comic special, and things are still feeling a little down in the dumps, but we’ll pull through! Here’s to more success and I hope you all learn to love your lolis very much.