It’s that time of year again. Fruit Incest came into being during the first few weeks of October, so this year we’re gonna get ready and celebrate our sixth anniversary the next few weeks! Six years is a lot, and we’re still in humble beginnings, but even if nobody ever reads the comic, we’re getting to some big storylines I’ve been holding onto for years. I hope you enjoy the special story we have this upcoming month. It’s another one to hopefully look back on and remember fondly, maybe during next year’s anniversary, the cosplaying puppy anniversary.

Until then, enjoy the comic, share it with friends, do as you wish, cause it’s been a very busy couple of months on my end and I will always appreciate any help that comes my way. I’m not looking forward to the stressful weeks ahead of me, but having people to read the comic and share any enthusiasm they’ve earned for it will definitely help. Every reader helps spread the love, and if there’s one thing we could all need more of, it’s love. Unless it’s lolis. We’ll always love our lolis, right folks?