I’m no stranger to poorly drawn action sequences, so instead of making another cream pie joke (unless that counts), here’s a list of Wild Mass Guesses.

  • The mob maid is still alive, but didn’t resurface for the sake of added drama.
  • The mob maid staged the whole thing in an attempt to achieve her lifelong dream of becoming a Bond girl.
  • The mob maid purposefully kissed the Folklorist so his front side (the one with the bulletproof vest) would be facing the shooters.
  • The people in the car are actually just really dedicated dry cleaners.
  • The mob maid is getting revenge on the evil baby by winning The Folklorist onto her side.
  • The Four Overlords wanted The Folklorist gone and the mob maid betrayed them by going against the plan.
  • I’m making this up as I go along.